Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 5 - Social Bookmarking and Tagging

I like the idea of managing my bookmarks online as aposed to having them stored on a particualar I think I'll keep using this tool. The experience was good in that I learnt something new...but I don't know if I'd place it in the category of liberating or was definately not horrifying...
authority controls...I'm not sure what that means...I should look it up...I'm assuming the ability to place whatever tags one feels like on an item, and if that's the case...then no...the lack of authority controls don't bother me...there will always be a few people with enough time for malicious behaviour...but basically, the majority of us will use these tools in an effort to save time and create efficiencies
I'll have to think about the last question regarding the use of social bookmarking in libraries...I'll post my response later on...

Week 6 - LibraryThing

I'm not to sure if I get librarything...but since I've waited to the last minute to do this, there's no time to really look into it. I was able to add 3 books and edit my profile a bit. To view my librarything book selection, click here

one more rula 2.0 assignment to go!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 8 - Working with Google Applications

I've been using google docs and maps for years...and I think both features are's also one of my reasons for picking an mp3 player over a storage device...
who needs a physical storage device that can so easily be forgotten / lost / stolen ... when there is so much reliable storage space online?

2 more rula assignments to go...a very very good program...but I'll be happy when it's over!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 10 - Browser Tools

For Wk 10-Browser tools, I decided to install the Google toolbar. As it turns out the permissions on my work PC restricts me from installing any applications or tools. Fortunately for me...the same restrictions don't apply on my personal PC...and so it's been installed for some time now.

Week 9 - Social Networks

I've had a facebook account for quiet a while now...but I added a few more friends...most importantly I could get my check mark ;)
A while back I took the CE course: Technology, power and change...where the prof stated that facebook is financed in part by the CIA and that everything that's posted is kept indefinately...dispite a users attempts to delete it...
so here's my conspiracy's a tool (social networking tool) to know what we're thinking...and then who knows how and when this information will be used...
this course also spoke about the advances in technological's maybe a little farfetched to connect the 2...but to date I don't feel comfortable volunteering my thoughts...
having stated that...I visit regularly to see what others are up so many have's a great way of keeping in touch with friends!

Trip to Jamaica

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wk 4-still photosharing w. flickr; this dog is here because...all the other dogs we came across seemed happy to see us...this one looked especially annoyed...and he didn't even bother growling or barking...his expression seemed to say it all!

ayanle and i in jamaica

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Week 4 down...a million less 1 to go...
Now to week 5!!!